If you are a homeowner/renter and have flood assistance needs - READ THIS

posted almost 6 years ago by KismetSorena from Moms & Ladies of SW Houston
This update is over 30 days old.

We know that this is a scary time and you might feel lost, frightened and ignored. No one likes the hurry up and wait game, but the truth is, between our amazing city and our amazing volunteers, the City of Houston has made tremendous progress in a week, even though it might not feel that way. And, although it might feel as though things are not organized, there is a method to the madness, and we must get through the clean up phase before we can begin the rebuild phase.

Here are some things to do if you need assistance as a homeowner:

Call 211 for all social services needed. They are collecting reported needs and reporting them and keeping a database, which is helpful for case management. They also are continuously getting new programs that come available, so you never know what you will hear when you call. Unfortunately, they don’t know when they will hear about which programs or when those programs will hit, but please know that they are really doing their best to keep up with the demand and thus far have fielded over 1,300 calls.

You may also contact Jewish Family Services for work requests http://www.jfshouston.org

Call 311 for any City Government services that are non-emergency that you need taken care of. This could mean tree limbs or electrical wires. If you can’t get through using 311, you can always call 713-837-0311, which is the 10-digit phone number for 311.

Call 832-394-6282 for temporary housing needs. This is the City of Houston’s Housing and Community Development Department and they have access to many ways to help you find housing. Most are for low to middle income, but call there first and they can point you in the right direction.

If someone is in your backyard or in your house, that is trespassing, please call 911! Do not call the constable. That is beyond looting to actually breaking the law.


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